Puppy Palooza - Grand Opening!Puppy Palooza - Grand Opening! After more than two years of hard work and support from amazing donors and volunteers, the Universal City Dog Park is...

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VolunteeringVolunteering FOSTER CARE PROGRAM.  The Universal City Animal Shelter and Control Center and Homes for the Homeless is establishing a...

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Who wants a dog park?!?!Who wants a dog park?!?! Universal City has started work on a 1.9 acre off-leash dog park on Aethenian Drive in Universal City, Texas. This project...

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Contact Us

Feel Free To Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to see how you can help,
you can contact us by:

Phone: Lori (210) 363-4986


Mail: Universal City Dog Shelter
2150 Universal City Blvd.
Universal City, Texas 78148


Committee meetings are the 1st wed of each month at 6 at the Universal
City Animal shelter, everyone is welcome

Next Meeting:

April 6, 2011 @ 6pm

Universal City Animal Shelter

Comments (1)

This is a wonderful and ambitious effort on your part. I am visiting UC from out of the area, where my home city has also just opened a dog park on a smaller budget than yours. It is now so successful that dog families come to our park from 20 or more miles away. I thought you might be interested in what we learned as our start-up experience.

Dogs love to run, on dirt, in mud, on grass; they don’t care, just run. Only two things are really necessary for a dog park: a fence capable of containing small dogs and high enough to contain large dogs, and second, water. Anything else is secondary. Poop bags and a container should also be provided as maintenance.

Places to sit in shade are nice, but people will bring their own folding chairs, if necessary, and many people will contribute their plastic chairs. Many of our locals contribute buckets or pails for water. In other words, by caring for their dogs, picking up after them, the community takes ownership of their dog park.

I believe you may want to reconsider picnic tables. People food and dog food should never be brought to a dog park; it will drive the dogs into a frenzy until the food is removed. Children carrying snacks are especially vulnerable. Please, food at a dog park
should be discouraged. Take this from experience.

I sincerely wish you a great opening for your much awaited park. I hope my comments were helpful. Best of luck.
Jack Tancredi

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